Shelter in Place

Some situations will require you to remain in your home during an emergency, usually involving hazardous materials. This is called "Shelter-in-Place." Here are the steps to follow if you are directed to Shelter-in-Place:

  1. Turn on the radio or television for
  2. Move family members and pets inside
    immediately, if they are outdoors.
  3. Close all windows and doors tightly.
  4. Turn off ventilation systems - furnace, attic
    fan or air conditioning.
  5. Choose one room, preferably an interior
    room or bathroom. Seal the entrance by
    placing duct tape around the windows and
    stuffing wet towels under the doors.

Here’s a video that helps explain the Shelter-in-Place concept.



For more information, call Saline County Emergency Management, (402) 821-3010; email:; or visit the Homestead LEPC Web page at on the Internet.