Tourism Committee

Approved by the Saline County Commissioners during their April 19th meeting - Saline County Tourism’s Committee list of Board approved applications from the Visitors Promotion Fund: 12 applications totaling $12,750 and Saline County Visitors Improvement fund: 11 applicaitons totaling $11,000.

Tourism Promotion Fund

Tourism Site Improvement Fund

The Saline County Tourism Committee, a group of seven County Board appointed representatives from area communities, is charged with distributing lodging tax funds collected in the county. Marketing and promotional funds are awarded to qualifying organizations and communities for the sole purpose of attracting greater numbers of visitors to county events via promotional strategies including newspaper and radio advertisements, flyers, and signage.

The Tourism Committee also finalizes plans and makes ready for distribution new grant funds for improving county attractions. The Saline County lodging tax was recently raised from 1 percent to 4 percent, offering greater promotional opportunities.

Every community in Saline County has reaped the benefits of this program over the years. At the present time, 74 of Nebraska's 93 counties collect lodging tax that is then returned to the communities to promote tourism via a grant process. The amount of money available for annual distribution is in direct relationship to the number of guests in area motels, and therefore fluctuates each year.