Safety Committee


Marvin Kohout
Dan Johnson
Jenny Hermsmeier
Bruce Filipi
Sharon Jelinek
Rick Korbelik
Kara Burda
Debbie Spanyers
Becky Vales
Lyle Weber
Russ Kalkwarf
John McKee
Brandi Klaassen

The mission of the Saline County Safety Committee is to promote a safe working environment for each employee, and to the visiting public, while rendering high quality service. This can only be accomplished through the reduction and prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses, as well as promoting safety practices and positive attitudes in each County department and facility. The Committee will work diligently to assure that appropriate mechanical and physical safety devices are available, along with recommended training to maintain a safe environment.

The Committee will review existing County policies and assist departments in development of policies and procedures when necessary, as well as review accidents which occur. It will also make recommendations to the County Board and others regarding ways to promote a safe working environment for each County employee and all those making use of our governmental services and facilities.
The purpose of the Safety Committee is:

  • To conduct an ongoing systematic review of safety and security conditions throughout Saline County Government
  • To regularly review community safety/security concerns and evaluate accident and “near miss” incident reports
  • To promote safety through safety education/training program for all employees
  • To promote compliance with federal/state regulations and industry standards regarding health and safety
  • To make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for the maintenance and improvement of a safe and healthy environment throughout Saline County government

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